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    86 Exhibitors (7 new)-Acoustic Emission Consulting, Inc.-ACS-Solutions -Advanced OEM Solutions -Airstar Inc.-AT-Automation Technology -BALTEAU NDT-Canadian Institute for NDE-Controle Mesure Systemes-Cygnus Instruments Ltd-Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Gruop Co., Ltd.-Dantec Dynamics -DASEL SISTEMAS-DÜRR NDT & Co. KG-ECLIPSE SCIENTIFIC -Eddyfi …

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    Delphi Precision Imaging is an advanced industrial CT X-Ray lab located in Redmond, Washington serving customers throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. Our X-5000 is a multi-axis, high resolution digital x-ray system providing advanced real-time industrial digital radiography (DR), and industrial 3D computed tomography (CT) imagery in multiple formats.

  • CT Scanning Service - For Inspection or Reverse Engineering

    CT (Computed Tomography) Scanning. OR3D offer CT scanning services. CT (Computed Tomography) is the collection of 2D X-Ray slices that are combined to provide a complete 3D dataset.The CT scanner allows the collection of extremely accurate and high resolution (0.25 micron) scan …

  • Aerospace NDT CT DR X-Ray Systems - CT Scanning Services

    Aerospace Inspection Services 2D & 3D CT X-Ray Inspection. The Aerospace industry integrates some of the most quality critical products than any other market. Whether it’s a small electronic sensor or an entire composite helicopter rotor blade, NSI has X-ray and Computed Tomography Systems designed for efficiency and repeatability to ensure your equipment functions safely and correctly each ...

  • North Star Imaging, Inc. Releases efX-CT 1.6 and efX-DR 1.0

    North Star Imaging has unveiled its latest versions of Computed Tomography and Digital Radiography software – efX-CT 1.6 and efX-DR 1.0. These releases feature many new capabilities that are industry firsts and not available anywhere else in the marketplace. The new software releases focus heavily on speed, automation, and image quality.

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    Castings CT System 2D & 3D CT X-Ray Inspection. Castings are an integral part of many major industries today. Automotive, Aerospace, Oil/Gas and even Electronics to name a few. Our Industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography systems help identify voids/porosities, internal stress fractures or even perform 3D CAD comparisons to ensure your product ...

  • Introducing the X3000 DR & CT X-ray System

    The X3000 system has just been released by North Star Imaging as an answer to customers needing a compact system with unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system. NSI’s applications specialists can help you select the best combination of X-ray source and X-ray detector beneficial to your needs.

  • Industrial X-Ray CT Scanners for NDT & Metrology ...

    Phoenix X-Ray - Advanced 2D & 3D CT Scanners and Systems. Phoenix X-Ray is Waygate Technologies' product line combining 3 advanced industrial radiography and CT systems solutions for an extremely wide range of inspection applications. The Phoenix line advanced X-Ray and CT solutions include: High Speed CT Scanners and Detector Systems; MicroCT ...

  • COMET INDUSTRIAL X-RAY - Non-destructive testing

    NDT (non-destructive testing) helps to deliver consistently high quality of a broad range of industrial products and components. The inspection systems identify quality problems and assist the manufacturers to improve their design processes by providing insights into default types and patterns.

  • WeaverNDT - Non Destructive Testing, Ndt

    We can support you with our comprehensive range of systems and services that include: A variety of nearly all methods of NDT Systems. Specialized NDT Interpretation services: Radiography (RT, CR, DR, and CT) X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Liquid Penetrant (PT) Ultrasonic (UT) Magnetic Particle (MT) Visual (VT) Resonance (RI)

  • Castings – CT – XRAY – NDT Services

    Castings – CT – XRAY – NDT Services With industry innovations allowing for more complex and lightweight castings, our CT Scanning & X-Ray lab is primed to meet these inspection demands with the latest in advanced imaging technology

  • Custom X-ray and CT scan solutions for QA and NDT

    Custom X-ray and CT scan solutions for QA and NDT Advance production with customized x-ray + CT scan systems for quality assurance + non-destructive testing. Request a Quote There are so many imaging systems available, but which one is right for you? Discover better quality and faster results with the latest in x-ray …

  • Industrial Nondestructive Testing (NDT) | Varex Imaging

    Varex offers solutions for nondestructive testing (NDT) ranging from industrial X-ray tubes to linear accelerators, and industrial flat panel detectors to imaging software. Nondestructive testing, also referred to as nondestructive imaging (NDI), is an imaging …

  • Using X-ray Computed Tomography for ... - North Star Imaging

    Mar 12, 2018· X-ray computed tomography (CT) has successfully entered the field of coordinate metrology as an innovative and flexible non-contact measurement technology for performing dimensional measurements on industrial parts. It provides unique advantages compared to conventional tactile and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), giving the ability to perform nondestructive …

  • Food NDT CT DR X-Ray System - North Star Imaging

    2D X-ray Scanning. Realtime product analysis, failure analysis, live manipulation, product screening and much more. 3D X-ray Scanning. Using X-ray to build a 3D model of your part we can then inspect it from any angle to isolate materials of different density and much more. High Energy X-ray Scanning

  • Automotive NDT CT DR X-Ray Systems - CT Scanning Services

    Whether it’s onboard electronic sensors, cast components or even the rubber on the road, North Star Imaging has X-ray and Computed Tomography systems designed for production line quality inspection or for the Research and Development lab.

  • Industrial CT and X-Ray Solutions from ZEISS

    Thanks to X-ray, you can cut parts non-destructively and look inside! No more complex fixturing. This saves time and money! By scanning all internal and external structures with computed tomography systems (CT), parts can be reproduced even if no CAD model is available.

  • YXLON - YXLON X-ray and CT inspection systems

    YXLON X-ray and CT Inspection systems come in many different configurations. We’ve developed a Product Finder to help narrow your search for the system that best meets your needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our specialists will customize a system to your exact specifications. Contact us today for more information.

  • Waygate Technologies | Baker Hughes Digital Solutions

    Global Industrial X-Ray 2D and 3D CT Scanning Services 2D and 3D CT Scanning Services With over 30 years of hands-on field experience , Waygate Technologies’ global inspection team offers best-in-the-world industrial testing support--on and off the Jobsite.

  • Electronics NDT CT DR X-Ray Systems

    2D X-ray Scanning. Realtime product analysis, failure analysis, live manipulation, product screening and much more. 3D X-ray Scanning. Using X-ray to build a 3D model of your part we can then inspect it from any angle to isolate materials of different density and much more. High Energy X-ray Scanning

  • Datest | X-Ray Inspection and Programming

    Digital Radiography (DR) Services Nondestructive Testing (NDT) services for defect recognition, process validation, and materials analysis. Industrial CT Scanning Services 3D tomographic imaging and analysis for nondestructive testing (NDT…

  • NDT Technology - CT Scanning Services

    3D Computed Tomography (CT) is a nondestructive scanning technology that allows you to view and inspect the external and internal structures of an object in 3D space. Computed Tomography works by taking hundreds or thousands of 2D Digital Radiography projections …

  • Digital Radiography in Industry - NDT.net

    Figure 1 shows fan beam or 2D –CT system. This system allows to reconstruct one object layer by one fan beam x-ray scan. The attenuated X-ray data are collected at brief time intervals. The X-ray measurements are then digitized and the image is reconstructed and displayed as a 2-D image on the computer screen.

  • Industrial CT | Diondo Incorporated | United States - NDT CT

    Computed Tomography (CT) systems also known as 3D X-ray or industrial CT are used to record and display volumetric imaging data for different complex materials and objects. Images or slices are captured using digital imaging radiographic arrays or DR at an optimal frequency and position to maximize resolution throughout the 360 degrees around the object.

  • X-Ray and CT of Welds and Casts | Delphi Precision Imaging

    NDT Welding and Cast Inspection Industrial X-Ray is a widely accepted non-destructive testing method to inspect the integrity of welds. Delphi Precision Imaging is familiar with ASTM standards and helps you maintain quality in your welds and cast parts. 425.497.9729


    Oct 03, 2018· An x-ray customer requested that the company build a set of ultrasonic testing tanks. This was a good partnership between the systems manufacturing capabilities under Higginbotham and Associates and the technical NDT skills of Marietta X-Ray.


    Flat panel systems entered the NDT-market in an relatively short time. They substitute radioscopy systems for digital radiography applications and open new possibilities for the application of computed tomography (CT). Parallel to the development of flat panel detectors an extraordinary increase of CT-applications can be observed.

  • What's Really Happening in the Industrial X-ray ... - NDT.net

    By Vijay Mathew, Industry Analyst. Undoubtedly, the x-ray inspection market has made rapid strides in the field of nondestructive testing. The integration of the latest technologies from the sensors, computers and communication fields has made x-ray inspection systems easy-to-use, safe and fast, all factors which, in the past, limited its adoption for industrial applications.

  • Industrial X-Ray Inspection Lab | GE Research

    The industrial X-ray inspection lab hosts several custom-built DR and CT imaging systems. The lab supports projects in the aerospace, power, oil & gas, transportation, and advanced manufacturing industries. The specific imaging systems include: A 450-kVp CT system with a BHGE Titan 450 X-ray tube (focal spot size 2mm, 2.5kW) and a 41 cm x 41 cm GE Healthcare flat-panel detector (200um …

  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING | Asahi Transnational

    Non-Destructive Testing with a High Powered Minifocus X-ray X-ray and CT inspection system for medium to large parts which is the successor to the best-selling Y.MU2000. A simple and intuitive user interface for both The X-ray (2D) and CT (3D) allows users to use preset settings for workflows such as manual inspection and semi-automatic inspection.

  • Composite Inspection with X-Ray & CT | Delphi Precision ...

    NDT with X-Ray & CT Industrial CT scanning of composite products allows our customers to inspect composite lamination layers looking for imperfections such as voids, cracks, pinched fiber layers and delamination. Learn more about advanced analysis for composites. 425.497.9729

  • X-ray and CT inspection | Nikon Metrology

    Nikon Metrology manufactures X-ray and Computed Tomography inspection systems that get the inside insight of complex industrial parts. We are still fully operational, find out more about our services during COVID-19 ... Nikon Metrology offers X-ray & CT inspection services to scan and analyse prototypes, unique parts or series for structural ...